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🌿MEDITATION LESSONS 30 minutes/$80 course of 3 lessons/$220
Come into the now with one-to-one meditation lessons specifically tailored to suit your purpose. Regular meditation yields myriad benefits for the mind, body and spirit. It reduces stress and anxiety, amplifies awareness and creativity, thus deepening and clarifying our relationship with ourselves and the world beyond. Whether you are beginning or rediscovering meditation, you’ll learn the appropriate techniques to cultivate a sustainable and nourishing personal practice.

Claire has intimate experience of meditation to relax the body, calm the mind, connect with spirit and truly be ‘in the moment’. She began meditating twenty-six years ago as a way to heal and process the effects of childhood trauma. Despite the inevitable challenges and distractions, she discovered in her practice of Raj Yoga Meditation a place of refuge, a sense of coming home to herself, and the courage to face thoughts and emotions that had seemed overwhelmingly painful.

A long-time Yogini with qualifications in Health Science, Music and various other healing arts, Claire understands the physical, neurological and spiritual benefits of meditation. She has explored sacred and secular styles including Vipassana and Metta as well as body, breath and mindfulness based practices. Following a medically oriented course with Bill Patterson and Dr Daniel Lewis, Claire completed her teacher training with Phoebe Kiddo of The Dream Haus at the Australian Yoga Academy.

In 2016 Claire facilitated the inaugural Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Ashram Gandhi in Bali, channeling wisdom from these closely related fields to create a profoundly nurturing experience. Since then, she has worked with community groups and assisted individuals of all ages to establish a regular meditation practice that embraces their experience with grace and ease, often with transformative results.

Known for her gentle presence, empathy, and intuition, Claire holds safe, supportive space for the totality of human experience. Curiosity, creativity and clarity infuse her teaching style as she guides her students towards deep inner communion.

Claire has a vision of a kinder, more compassionate world, knowing this is possible as we cultivate consciousness in relationship with ourselves and each other. Her teachings offer clear pathways to centred awareness, access to the treasures of the human consciousness, and ultimately self realisation.

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