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Ayurvedic Facials

“get thee a skin of exquisite texture, of a soft and delicate bloom, and a complexion pure and clear”  Yoga Sutra
An holistic approach to skin care featuring OmVeda’s tried and true herbal formulations combined with the purity of fresh ingredients; if they cannot be eaten they will not be used on your skin! Offering an exquisite sensory journey in customized facial treatment, the benefits extend beyond to encourage a sense of balance and refreshment throughout your whole being.

🌿Vitality Facial   60 minutes/$150

Supports and maintains beautiful, healthy skin. A classic facial perfectly designed to address your needs.

🌿Clove Facial*             75 minutes/$180

Thoroughly purifies and balances oily and congested skin. Pores are clarified and blemishes heal rapidly with the refreshing antiseptic properties of Clove infused under the Thermoherb Mask.

🌿Mango Facial*           75 minutes/$180

Revives and deeply nourishes dry and pigmented skin. Moisture is replenished with luscious Mango and the Thermoherb Mask.

🌿Spirulina Facial*       75 minutes/$180

Lifts and tones loose sagging skin. An energizing massage followed by the firming Spirulina Alginate Mask helps soften fine lines, tone contours and restore elasticity.

🌿Serenity Facial*          75 minutes/$180

Calms redness and irritation. Cooling, anti-inflammatory Silver makes this the supreme soothing treatment for sensitive skin.

🌿Radiance Facial*         75 minutes/$180

Warms and energizes dull, dehydrated, or mature skin affected by sun damage. 24 Carat Gold stimulates cellular repair, improves tone and restores radiance.

🌿Perfection Facial*       90 minutes/$190

Completely pampers and rejuvenates all skin types. Diamond and Pearl masks impart outstanding lustre and luminosity while hands, feet and scalp are indulged with a luxurious massage.

🌿Alchemy Facial*           75 minutes/$190

Enhances and prteserves the beauty and equilibrium of all skin types. Enjoy the best of both worlds by augmenting the bliss of a traditional facial with the lasting results of an Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion.

*includes OmVeda’s salon exclusive Skin Rejuvenator, Vegetable or Enzyme Peel exfoliation


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