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Body Treatments

🌿Bathing 30 minutes/$80

As a relaxing prelude to your body treatment or as a joy in itself, immerse and unwind in your choice of
essential oils, mineral salts, therapeutic mud or milk and honey.


🌿Dry Brushing 30 minutes/$80 A simple yet efficient technique that removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation.

🌿Sea Salt * 45 minutes/$140
A detoxifying concoction of sea salt and oil to purify and nourish dry skin.

🌿Citrus and Sugar Scrub* 45 minutes/$140
A zesty treat to awaken the senses and exfoliate skin to a velvety softness.

🌿Withania, Honey and Aloe* 45 minutes/$140
Fine beads of walnut, withania and jojoba invigorate the skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.

🌿Udwarthanam* 60 minutes/$160
An aromatic paste of Himalayan Cedar, Nutgrass, Manjistha and Vetiver assists cellular metabolism and buffs skin into lustrous brilliance.

*polishing is followed with a warm shower and moisture massage

Dry brushing, mask application, face and scalp massage, warm shower removal concluding with a moisture massage make these complete treatments the ultimate indulgence.

🌿Herbal Healing 90 minutes/ $190

Cocooned in a mask of chickpea flour, yoghurt, neem, rose petals, orange peel, and sandalwood, your whole body is detoxified and rejuvenated.

🌿Earth Dreaming 90 minutes/$190

A decadent mud mask, rich in minerals to effectively absorb toxins and impurities, leaving your entire body clarified, toned and completely revitalized.

🌿Zone Toning 90 minutes/$190

An excellent remedy for localized oiliness, congestion or cellulite, this thermally active combination of minerals and herbs deeply cleanses and tightens the skin, energizing circulation.

🌿Honey Aloe Salvation 90 minutes/$190

A soothing gel mask that helps to heal and moisturize dehydrated, sun-damaged or overexposed skin.

🌿Forest Flower Fantasy 90 minutes/$190

Magnolia, Lotus, Spanish Cherry, Jasmine and Rose deeply cleanse and nourish your skin.

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