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Ayurvedic Oil Therapies

Ancient rejuvenation rituals that utilise the healing properties of warm herb-infused oils to open and lubricate both the physical and subtle channels through which energy and information flow.

🌿Shirodhara 60 minutes/$160 Course of 5/$640
The gentle and continuous pouring of warm herbalised black sesame oil onto your forehead is a restorative therapy excellent for soothing nervous tension, relieving stress and inducing deep relaxation.

🌿Pichu 60 minutes/$160 Course of 5/$640
Especially effective in the treatment of stiff joints and aching muscles, Pichu is the continuous application of warm oil compresses to alleviate pain and promote regeneration of healthy tissue.

🌿Vata Kizi 60 minutes/$160 Course of 5/$640
Herbal puddings dipped in warm aromatic oil press, pound and pummel in an invigorating massage that eases aches and pains and assists mobility of joints and muscles.

🌿Vasthi 60 minutes/$160 Course of 5/$640
Warmed medicinal oil is pooled in a besan flour well over an inflamed or degenerated area to assist in the repair of the tissues beneath.

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