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“the body is the visible soul and the soul is the invisible body… the body and soul are not divided anywhere… they are parts of each other, they are parts of one whole… listen to the wisdom of your body, all your wise men will seem fools” Osho

🌿USUI REIKI & SEICHIM 60 minutes/$140
Reiki and Seichim are ancient methods of life force energy renewal whereby healing energy is drawn from a higher source and channelled directly to where it is needed, bringing balance and harmony to your entire being. They may be applied directly in a ‘hands-on’ session, or in situations where this is not possible, by remote transmission. Used individually or in combination, each offers extremely gentle yet powerful encouragement of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


🌿INTUITIVE HEALING 90 minutes/$190
An intuitively guided, deeply nurturing journey that integrates appropriate elements of a variety of healing modalities in order facilitate opportunities for personal transformation.

🌿EAR CANDLING 30 minutes/$80 additional candle each/$40
Performed by Shamans of many cultures since ancient times, this deeply restful treatment effectively removes excess wax while sending subtle vibrations down the ear canal to improve hearing and clear the sinuses. Ear candling is helpful for earache, headache, tinnitus, sinus and nasal congestion, stress and nervousness.

Your favourite pure essential oils are selected and blended with conscious intent to produce your very own signature perfume or body oil.

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