alchemy wellness


Alchemy Wellness offers natural therapies, personal care products, workshops and retreats that bring beauty, vitality and healing to life. Located in the heart of St Kilda, Claire James’ treatment room is a sanctuary of relaxation, transformation and renewal. Here you can leave the world outside to reconnect with yourself and ´┐╝simply receive as Claire attends with the gentle, loving presence that infuses all she does.

As a practitioner and teacher of various complementary therapies, Claire understands the power of Nature to facilitate vitality. Her offerings help people to find and sustain their spark, rediscover their innate magnificence and cultivate balance in their lives.

Alchemy Wellness has enriched the well-being of a diverse community for over twenty years. Claire’s intuitively tailored rituals invite peace of mind, restoration of the body and upliftment of the spirit. Weaving wisdom, substance and technique in response to your concerns, Claire is valued for her experience, insight and the quality of her care.

With a wealth of knowledge and skills to share, Claire has taught both practitioners and health seekers. Her inclusive approach respects her students unique needs and she delights in witnessing them integrate their learnings with clarity and confidence.

Alchemy Wellness proudly uses and stocks an exquisite range of products to support your self-care practice including OmVeda Ayurvedic Skin and Haircare, Intraceuticals, Tinderbox, Bio Veda and Northern Light.

For more information or a complimentary consultation please email or simply call +61 407 350 462.


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